a peek into my life and career

Namaste! I'm Himateja, a seasoned full-stack engineer passionate about shaping the digital world one line of code at a time.

As a seasoned full-stack engineer with a passion for frontend technologies and a knack for transforming complex requirements into user-friendly solutions, I thrive on teamwork, enjoy creating digital experiences, and balance my coding pursuits with leisure activities, always ready to embrace new challenges in the dynamic tech landscape.


Sep '21 - Apr '23
As a Full Stack Engineer at Index, I significantly improved user experience by migrating to Radix-UI, integrated key features such as Onboarding and Alerts, and ensured secure payments by integrating the Stripe payment gateway.
Jun '21 - Aug '21
During my short tenure at Feathery, I contributed to enhancing the user experience by implementing Live Edit functionality for the form builder, using cutting-edge frontend technologies, and collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of new features.
Involvio (Acquired by Cisco)
Jul '19 - May '21
As a Software Engineer at Involvio, I led the development of the Sub-Admin teams feature, optimized admin staff permissions, contributed significantly to a COVID-19 Safe Reopen module, boosted admin tool performance, and integrated crucial APIs for efficient data synchronization.
Dec '15 - Jun '19
At HaleMind, as a Sr. Software Engineer, I led a dynamic team of 9, introduced a centralized chat system, revolutionized user dashboards, built comprehensive patient examination tools, and innovated an Appointment Dashboard; all leading to improved user experience, enhanced patient engagement, increased test accuracy, and optimized appointment management.

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